Wednesday, October 5, 2016

In Life and Liberty, Law and Order

By: Laina Yost

This article was about the new law that passed in North Carolina October 1, along with the death of Keith Lamont Scott September 20 in Charlotte, who was shot by a police officer.

Two months before the shooting, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed the bill that blocks the public from getting or viewing recordings from body cameras and dashboard cameras. Even though a judge can order for the videos to be released, it still isn't fair for the community and people around the world in general. I'm sure they feel as though it leads people into having bad judgment on the ones whose job is to protect us, but I feel we should still know. Know what's going on around us, how to be more cautious and aware of who you trust. With those cameras, it shouldn't only be for the judge's eyes or whomever, but for everyone.

If there was some wrong doing, we all should have the right to know. Without that kind of information, it keeps us in the dark and to assume. Assume based upon the little information released. I feel that makes a story/situation worse. Say another situation like this happens and the victim was actually found 100% innocent but the story sounds pretty different and in the end, a police officer gets off the hook. We can only assume the officer deserved to be okay in this one. So we would we wouldn't really know that the real story says otherwise.

My point is, whoever is at fault, without the proof and will be harder for everyone to trust. That goes for anyone and anywhere.

So for myself, I do not agree with the new law that was passed and with that, I won't feel comfortable going to Charlotte or having anyone I care about being there either.

I think the author used emotion, enlightenment and education.

I think emotion was used because she expressed a few opinions which was clear to see how she felt about this topic. But she also evoked emotion out of me because it made me feel upset and concerned. She used enlightenment because she made me more aware of the new law. I also think she used education because with her facts, she showed me that she was knowledgeable about what was going on.

To check out this article:
The Clarion
Volume 40
Issue 6
October 4-10, 2016

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