Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Special Pizza Delivery


On October 11, there was an article posted about an older woman's grandson that was checking up on her after Hurricane Matthew in Palm Coast, Florida.

Apparently, after the hurricane, Clair Olsen's phone was disconnected and her family had been waiting to hear from her. They couldn't wait any longer so her grandson called the nearest Papa John's to deliver her a pizza. Along with the pizza, there were instructions on the receipt. So when the delivery man, Lance Tyler, knocked on Clair's door, she thought it was a scam because she didn't order a pizza. Lance told her the pizza was ordered by her grandson and he called the number placed on the receipt. It was her grandson so he put the phone up to her ear and he said, "Grandma, I haven't talked to you in two days. I got worried about you. You must be hungry by now."

Ever since then, her phone has been reconnected and she let a lot of people know she was okay.

I thought the author used emotion and a little entertainment. I feel they evoked emotion because I thought it was very sweet and thoughtful of her grandson. This story put a smile on my face. I thought the article was entertaining because it was a happy story. It was clever and it made me want the story to go on.

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