Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Top Teamwork Tips

This article's title was self explanatory for what it was about. It listed 5 great tips to have in mind when you're working with a group. Ellen Sarkisian of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Howard University mentioned, that working in groups was meant to, "[allow] students with different backgrounds to bring their special knowledge, experience, or skills to a project, and to explain their orientation to others." "Group projects are intended to develop your leadership abilities while also providing an opportunity to show you are capable of working part as a team."

The 5 tips that were listed are:
1) You're probably not the only one not happy about working with a group. So remember that you're all in the same boat and the easier you make it, the faster it will get done.
2) Set ground rules. Make sure everyone is aware of due dates.
3) Be patient with your group members.
4) Be fair. Make sure everyone gets the chance to do things within their talents.
5) Respect others needs for responsibility. Being in a group is a chance for people to grow as a leader, follower and collaborator.

With all that being said, I thought this was a great article to write about because in English, we're currently working in groups for our argument essay. So I figured for anyone that reads this, can benefit a little from it. Maybe not even for this class, could be for another because I'm also in a group for another class.

I felt the author used enlightenment. It put things into prospective reading and learning about the ways I can help and contribute to my current group projects. Some of them can be common sense, but not everyone automatically keeps these tips in mind when their put in that position. So it's okay for a small reminder.

If you would like to check this article out:
The Clarion
Volume 40 Issue 90
October 25-31, 2016
Page 2
By: Meggan Lanahan

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