Friday, October 14, 2016

Coffee Written In Your Genes?

Apparently according to the article, the amount of coffee you drink a day relates to your genes. This is found to be possible because the people who carry a gene called PDSS2 tend to drink less cups of coffee than the ones who don't. It says the gene reduces cells' ability to break down caffeine, which causes it to stay in the body longer.

The author ended the article with saying, "So the next time someone judges you for that fourth cup of coffee, just blame it on your genes."

The article was pretty short so that's why my summary is as short as it is. But, this article caught my eye because I am a coffee drinker and I have classes with people who have a cup every class. I'm probably one of those people who carry that gene because even though I like coffee, I may drink it once a week and one cup in that same day. So going by this article, it would be cool to find out if I actually carry that gene.

The author used education and entertainment. She used education because I definitely learned some things I had never even heard of and it was very interesting. She included facts and quotes. The way the article was ended, I thought that was pretty entertaining in itself.

If you would like to read the article yourself, check out:

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