Saturday, September 3, 2016

Teen Escapee Has No Chill, Asks For a Better Mugshot on Facebook

Yahoo News

By: Johnny Lieu

The title of the article is very self explanatory! It's literally about an 18 year old girl named Amy Sharp that escaped from corrective service officers on Aug. 19 in Sydney, Australia. While in hiding, she posted a picture of herself on Facebook asking the police to use that photo as her mugshot. The post didn't only catch more than 50,000 people's attention, but also directed the police to her location.

The author of this article used two E's; Enlightenment and Entertainment. The author enlightened his audience by letting people aware (if they didn't already know) that by posting things on social media, it can give away your location, especially by the law.

The author entertained his audience by first, saying the teen had no chill and second, the article itself. You can't help but to not take this seriously because it literally made me laugh and ask "Really?" when I read this.

Who does that?

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