Saturday, September 17, 2016

Is #TeacherBae's Dress Too Tight for School?

By: Kristine Solomon

This article was about a fourth grade teacher in Georgia named Paris Monroe. Apparently, she dresses inappropriately to be a teacher. The way my mind is set up, I typically see both sides of a story. So in this case, there's no different.

Half of me agrees that the way she looks at work can be distracting. Someone made a good point saying, fourth graders are approaching stages that involve their hormones. So when she is writing on the board, some of the kids could be looking at her more than what she's writing.

The other half of me is on her side. I feel like with anything else, people love to say, "It's 2016." So with that being said, teachers now aren't going to look like the teachers your parents or grandparents had. Especially if the teacher is pretty young. While they're young, they're most likely wearing cute and trendy clothes that are covering. Which in all of the pictures I have seen of her, she was fully covered. She didn't have any cleavage out and her dresses that were fitting went to the knees. She even wore long sweaters with some of the dresses.

I will say, people with certain body shapes can't wear the same thing other sizes are wearing but I think her case is pretty innocent. She wasn't showing any skin inappropriately, so I don't think she meant anything by it. Instead of bashing her and putting her on blast for what people think are wrong, at least say it to her privately or congratulate her about what she has accomplished. Some people may have been so worried about the negative, they probably didn't even know she won "Teacher of the Month." I also feel, if the parents of the students, faculty and board haven't said anything to her, than everyone else can mind their business.

I feel the author  didn't use the E's as noticeably as the authors of the other articles I have read, but if I had to choose, I would say emotion. I think she evoked her audiences emotions by mentioning a few peoples opinions and reactions to the teacher's appearance. Some were clearly angry about her dressing that way in front of kids and others are angry because they feel it's not fair to judge a woman with curves of wearing that rather than someone wearing the same outfits with a different shape.

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