Friday, November 18, 2016

"Kill Chivalry, not Kindness"

This article was about the difference between chivalry and the act of kindness. The author expressed how today, women expect guys to pay their dinner bill and open the door and guys also believe that's their responsibility. She said the reason why we think that is because historically, women didn't work a lot and men were considered the breadwinner, so they bought women drinks and dinner. With that being said, the author feels that the people who think that way should get out of that mind frame because it's pretty selfish and inconsiderate. She says that her and her boyfriend run a cycle where he pays, then she pays, then they split. When the guy is always paying, he's most likely taking a chance on going broke. This doesn't have to go for just couples, this goes for anyone encountering these situations. If you're out to eat with a friend, you can offer to pay for both or even hold the door for strangers, men and women.

I feel the author used enlightenment in this article. I felt enlightened after reading it because it made sense and she made a point. She's basically saying, do things out of kindness, because you want to, not because you feel it's right because of the "gender roles". I haven't put too much thought in this topic before I read this but I do things out of kindness from habit. Yeah my boyfriend opens the door for me but we take turns with the bill. I don't expect him to pay for everything all of the time and I understand there will be times one of us is short that day. So I thought this was a pretty interesting article to read about because it gives you something to think about.

It's interesting to know how some people think.

To check this article out:
The Clarion
Volume 40 Issue 11 November 15-21, 2016
Page 5
By: Hannah Hamlin

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